The 5 Benefits Of Blogging For Your Small Business

In today’s rapidly evolving world, much of the business landscape is leaning further and further into the digital realm.

And while a majority of small businesses are eager to bolster their digital presence – very few are investing in their blog.

After all, if it’s not going to bring you new customers right off the bat – it probably isn’t worth your hard-earned money, right?


Consistent blogging is one of the most effective ways to build awareness, reach new customers, and connect with them on a deeper level by establishing a relationship of trust. All in one go!

To help you demystify blogging and figure out whether or not it’s something you should bring up at your next marketing meeting, below we’ve listed out the top 5 benefits of blogging for small business.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Blogging Helps Boost Your SEO

As a small business, you’re likely already investing thousands of dollars into your site’s SEO.

However, did you know that good industry-relevant content is at the heart of any successful Search Engine Optimization effort?

After all, major search engines like Google and Bing are absolutely in love with fresh, authoritative content. And rather than releasing industry reports and whitepapers – blogging just so happens to be a light-weight and inexpensive way to get this content out into the world.

In addition to this, having more business-relevant content on your site, especially pieces centered around the products and services you offer can help provide Google with that much-needed bit of contextual relevance. This will only empower any sort of optimization you’re doing on your core “money-pages.”

2. Connect & Build Strong Relationships With New Customers

Converting a stranger into a loyal ambassador for your business and brand is one of the toughest pieces in the modern business puzzle.

However, what if you could start just about every customer relationship on a strong footing? 

Blogging helps you get in front of your audience of prospective customers right when they need you the most. After all, your business likely solves some sort of problem in their lives. And when that problem arises – most people instinctually turn to scouring the web for answers.

Being the one to provide them with those answers puts you on a high pedestal. Not only are you an authoritative and trusted source of information for them, but you get to kick-start that relationship off by providing a great deal of value to your would-be customers.

In turn, this builds trust and sets the foundation for a stream of amazingly loyal customers for your business down the line.

3. Establish Your Business As An Authority In Your Industry

It’s no secret that people buy into authority big-time!

And to a small business that just made their first foray into the digital ecosystem, building up an incredibly strong digital profile and establishing themselves as the go-to authority in the industry they serve may seem like a daunting challenge.

However, it’s not actually all that tough and scary!

No matter the size of your business, or the sort of brand awareness you have, blogging is one of the easiest ways to get your industry insights and know-how out into the world.

And if you make blogging about industry-relevant trends, news, and crucial topics a regular practice, with time, you’ll gradually start to be seen as a reputable and trustworthy source of information by your customers, business partners, and Google alike.

4. Generate Leads For Your Small Business

Ultimately, to keep your business running and growing, you’ll need customers at one point or another.

And as you may have pieced together from several of the points we’ve made so far – blogging is a stellar way to get exposure to new prospects, warm them up by providing value, and finally convert them into loyal customers.

And here’s the best part. Due to the fact that today’s business ecosystem is evolving faster than ever, you’ll always have something to cover and weight-in on. This will keep your blog running smoothly and generating new leads for your business.

Pro tip: Start off by blogging about relevant issues that your customers face, that your business provides an eloquent solution for. Additionally, you might want to cover the most frequently asked questions that people have about the products or services you offer.

5. Create The Opportunities For Sharing

One of the natural consequences of creating meaningful blogs that deliver valuable information to an audience in need is the fact that your content will be shared.

Whether across business groups on top social media platforms or even among your audience’s close connections – content sharing provides for free exposure to a larger audience.

And in addition to this, it’s not uncommon to see your content become a source of inspiration for other industry-relevant websites. This allows you to rack up free relevant and authoritative backlinks that will only do a world of good for your ongoing SEO efforts.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re running a business in today’s technologically-dependant world, blogging is not something you should overlook.

Creating valuable and meaningful content is the cornerstone of every successful marketing effort and it offers a wealth of amazing benefits that could help you take your business to the next level with ease.

In today’s post, we’ve covered the top 5 benefits of blogging for small businesses. We hope that you drew some inspiration from the points we’ve laid out and are now set on working regular blog posts into your marketing calendar.

And if you need help with putting an eloquent blog together – we’ve got your back! Our professional and affordable blog writing services can help you alleviate your marketing workload and get amazing content that connects your business to your customers, all without breaking the bank.

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