How To Generate More Customers For Health & Fitness Businesses By Writing Content

You’ve built a website and you’ve got your first few clients. You’re ecstatic. But after giving it a few months, maybe even a few years – you begin to realize that your business is doing okay but not in the way that you dreamed.

You see another company in the same niche where the owner has employed some people to work for him. They’re successful. They’ve got the freedom to take a few days off and still to come back to a pile of money on his desk that their employees have made for them. 

And that’s when you start to wonder why your business hasn’t taken off like their’s has…

You’re running the same ads, you’re investing in your website and you’re trying just about every popular digital marketing tactic under the sun. So, why aren’t you getting as many clients?

Here’s the thing – what if we told you that there is only one small change that you need to implement to be like that other guy?

Pretty hard to believe right? But, before you despair, you should ask yourself one very simple question.

What drives sales?

Sales are made when a customer WANTS your services/product.

In today’s day and age, consumers are smart. In fact, 81% of consumers do extensive research before they shell out their money on anything.

And if you want to earn their business, you’ll need to be with them at every step of their decisionmaking process.

You’ll need to hold their hand when they’re mulling over the problem your services and products solve. You’ll also need to gently guide them in the right direction by providing answers to their burning questions. And lastly, you’ll need to cement yourself as the leading authority on the matter – in their eyes.

This is where content marketing comes in!

Below, we’ve listed out a few key benefits of investing in content marketing for your healthcare business, with some tips and tricks for top-notch health and fitness copywriting sprinkled in.

1. Great SEO-Optimized Copy Boosts Your Organic Traffic

With more and more people starting their search for products and services on the internet, you need to rank higher in the search engines in order to stay toe-to-toe with your competition. 

Good SEO-optimized copy will always include contextually relevant information with important keywords that customers search for when they are looking for a service.

Therefore when they search for your keyword(s), your business will appear near the top and as we all know, that equals traffic. 

This traffic is going to be the digital heart and soul of your business. After all, these are prospective customers checking out what you’ve got to offer. 

And if you can present them with a solid offer off the bat – more likely than not, you’ll be converting a good amount of your visitors from the web into customers on day one.

But what if you’re too pressed on time to learn about SEO and how proper content optimization is done?

No worries – our professional and affordable fitness and health copywriting service will eliminate all the handiwork and provide for the results that you’re after.

2. Convert More Customers With Featured Testimonials

It’s no secret that before people feel comfortable with pulling out their wallets – they need to feel that they trust you.

And when it comes to building trust on the web, social proof is your ultimate best friend.

Imagine this – your prospective customer arrives on your page. They’re impressed with everything you’ve laid out for them and now they’re on the fence about whether or not they should give things a shot.

However, that’s when they scroll over to some nicely formatted, well-written genuine customer testimonials that answer questions, give insights into your services “under the hood”, and ultimately paint your business in the best possible light.

More often than not – that’ll tip the scale in your favor!

Pro tip: Testimonials should obey the 4 S’s rule: specific, short, sizzling, and signed. This makes your testimonials believable, credible, and worth your prospective customer’s time.

3. Turn Those Lurkers Into Customers

15 seconds.

That’s the average time that a person spends on a website before they mindlessly click off of it. 

Think of it like a Dragon’s Den pitch:

These 15 seconds are your make or break. The right words must be used to sell your product to the dragons.

Trying to turn a web visitor into a customer, or at least a lead, is no different.

Good copy is imperative to persuade prospective clients that your product/service is the best thing out there since sliced bread.

Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that your website and social media copy is done right. 

On top of this, it’s also a good idea to “get your foot in the door” first. Rather than just settling for the small percentage of random web visitors that convert – give them a smaller offer first in exchange for a contact. 

For example, if your visitor lands on your weight-loss coaching service page – you can give them a small e-book in exchange for an email address.

That way even if they don’t convert off the bat, you’ll be able to stay in touch in order to warm them up, guide them, and ultimately, turn them into a client.

Pro tip: The first words that the reader will see make up your headline. This needs to catch the attention of the reader and make them want to read on. A good way to do this is by asking them a question that hits home e.g. ‘Are you embarrassed to take your top off at the beach?’

4. Get More Leads By Running A Blog

More likely than not, as a fitness or healthcare professional – you’ve got some solid insights that your customers absolutely love you for.

What if we told you that sharing these insights with the world could easily earn you more customers, each and every single month?

Combining what we just covered about SEO-optimized writing and turning visitors into leads and customers – running a blog is the easiest way to get your products/services out in front of the market.

The whole model looks like this:

  1. You write evergreen SEO-optimized blog content around the questions and problems that your prospective customers face.
  2. The content attracts lots of new visitors to your site on a monthly basis.
  3. You pitch them with a personalized mini-offer to get your foot in the door and stay in touch with them.
  4. You then re-market to the leads you’ve acquired via email or other channels of communication in order to build rapport, warm them up, and finally seal the deal.

Pretty simple, huh?

And here’s the best part – you only need to write a piece of content for your blog once. Whereas the piece can keep on generating new traffic for you month after month.

5. Stay In Touch With Your Customers And Leads

If you’ve followed our earlier advice – you should start building up a pretty stable database of customers and leads in no time.

However, you’ve got to watch out for one small thing…

Your audience isn’t static. What we mean here is that if they don’t get personalized attention in one way or another, they’ll eventually drift away.

This is why it’s essential to keep your brand and business in front of them by periodically sharing insights, answering questions, and warming them up to eventually become your customers.

And if they’re already your customers? A good “thinking about you” gesture goes a long way towards turning those customers into loyalists!

How To Get Amazing Content For Your Health/Fitness Business

Let’s face it – as a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You have to manage the business, tend to customers, manage the employees, and oversee every ounce of effort being poured in from any one direction.

So, do you really have the time to learn SEO, copywriting best practices, and every little trick in the book all by yourself?

Even if you do, crafting pitch-perfect copy and content that engages your audience is a job best left up to the professionals. After all, why do your clients pay you money for the services you offer instead of their second cousin? 

More likely than not it’s because you’re an absolute superstar at what you do.

And when it comes to writing content that drives results for your business – we’re the superstars you’d want to hire!

Here at ARES Rank, we specialize in health & fitness business content creation. We understand your industry, with a good grasp of how to align your business’ needs with those of your prospective customers.

Our professional writers can help you get the content you need quickly, effectively, and at a totally affordable rate.

So, if you’re looking to roll out a content project – we’ll take care of the handiwork, allowing you to focus your time on the new customers that’ll be coming in.

Don’t let your competition shoot ahead of you. Get started today with rates as low as $0.07 / word!

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